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GOTS-certified organic cotton for our bags


Cotton growing is a big worldwide industry and the way it’s produced has an immense impact on our environment and on a huge amount of people. Most of the clothes we wear, like jeans and dresses, and many household items, like towels and sheets, are made out of cotton. 75% of this cotton is farmed in developing countries, where 99% of all cotton farmers live.


Conventional cotton growing uses dangerous synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. In many cases, developing world farmers have a lack of awareness of safety when it comes to the use of these pesticides. Coupled with a lack of access to protective gear and low levels of literacy, it becomes a recipe for disaster. The applied chemicals are also washed off paddocks and farmland after rain or irrigation, which can poison nearby waterways and drinking water. They build up in the soil and can lead to toxicity, making the land unsafe for future production.


In organic farming, farmers are not permitted to use harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. It teaches them to recycle nutrients through their system, and seek out natural alternatives such as animal and green manures, and clever strategies to reduce pest attack such as trap cropping. Therefore resulting in more freedom, safety and independence for farmers.


When done the right way, organic farming methods can lead to more sustainable farms and communities. With an increase in soil fertility, ecosystem biodiversity and an awareness of natural systems, many farmers in developing countries have a chance to improve their lives on their own terms.


All Fair and Square bags are made of organic cotton, certified as Organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means a system of safety standards and monitoring has been put into place in all stages of production, from the farm to the factory, to assist in the making of a clean, safe, great quality bag that doesn't leave behind a trail of human and environmental destruction.


Bamboo Straws


Renewable bamboo for our straws


Our bamboo straws are produced by a small family business in Bali. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. Some types can grow a couple of feet a day. That's fast, like really fast. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, natural, beautiful and renewable. That's why we choose bamboo for our stylish reusable straws.




Recycled materials and lifelong warranty for our drinking bottles


Our drinking bottles are produced by NatureGulp in a SGS-certified factory in China. They are created from ecologically clean materials; recycled stainless steel for the bottle and renewable bamboo for the lid.  NatureGulp gives money from the sales to a Czech project ‘Vodomilek’ on supporting disabled sportsmen. On top of that, the drinking bottle comes with a lifelong warranty.

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