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INTRO: At Fair and Square we believe that the products we use in our daily lives should be made with respect for people and planet. We also believe in transparency so here's some more info on how we try to do our part for the planet.

Sustainable resources

Our tote and string bags are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. For the dying we xx

Sustainable practices
Wastewater treatment
Besides coloring the fabrics for our bags and clothing, stamps and screen printing will be used to print
designs using ink. To make sure no ink or paint from the stamps ends up in the environment, we will
set up a simple water treatment system.
A zero energy wastewater treatment system based on the principle of sedimentation can be used to
make sure no paint ends up in the waterways. The wastewater from rinsing the stamps and washing
the gloves and equipment is captured in a bucket and left overnight allowing the ink particles to sink
to the bottom. After 24h the clear top water layer can be poured in the sink and the wet layer
containing the particles is poured onto old cloths or paper and left to dry outside or in a well-ventilated
room. When dry, the dried cloth or paper can be thrown in the trash.

Offsetting CO2-emissions
Distributing our products worldwide has a carbon footprint, but we have a way to off-set it.
Greenamity (, a Belgian startup, calculates our CO2-emissions from the used
resources, production and transport and plants an according amount of trees through their social
reforestation projects in Bolivia and Madagascar.

Continuous improvement
To improve our environmental focus we hope for mentorship opportunities from an experienced
company like Picture who has have successfully created sustainable production practices using
sustainable resources. We hope to get guidance in finding the right suppliers and gaining more
knowledge about sustainable materials and practices.

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