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Co-design our Tento(o)te bag!


TENTOO will soon be launching trendy, ethical tote bags that can be used as promotional bags. We need your help with the design!

The idea is for these tote bags to become a calling card for Tentoo. The attractive design of the bags must ensure that people want to keep using the tote bag in their daily lives, as a grocery bag, purse, gym bag, etc.

The Tentoo tote bags will be made by Fair and Square, who will also print your design on them. Fair and Square partners with and works to benefit the Indian NGO, Samugam Foundation. They make tote bags in India and sell these in Europe to help support Samugam’s operations. Plus, Fair and Square is a 100% ethical and climate-neutral company, operating based on respect for people, the environment, and the climate.


The deadline for submissions is midnight on 19 April. After this, a winner will be selected based on the submitted portfolios. The designer will then have three weeks to design the print for the tote bags.

The winner will be remunerated by Tentoo and will benefit from publicity via Tentoo and Fair and Square. Your design will be seen on 2,000 tote bags that will be distributed across the entire country!

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